Autumn 2017

Autumn Championship 2017

SL24 December 28th 2017

Only 5 drivers tonight due to illness and festive season duties. Nick set the early pace in qualifying only to be edged by Bob by a few parts. Keith would have top qualified if he hadn’t had a big off. Woody turned up late so very little practice and needed to borrow some tyres and had too many offs in qualifying. Roger also chose to have very little practice but looked quick enough. Chris decided not to race and took race control duties all night. The B final was a 2 man affair with Woody getting his car and controller sorted but still having a few offs to set a 169 target, Roger’s steady drive saw him only 4 laps back on 165. The A final was all Keith getting 41s on every lane to win with a 171, Bob needed a 38 on the last segment to beat Woody and managed a 40 to take second place by under 2 laps. Nick had a mare on blue so even with 2 x 39s and a 40 that left him in fifth place with Roger’s 165 giving him fourth.

SP32 December 21st 2017

A quick round up of tonight's racing on a freshly cleaned track, Bob went first up in qualy and set a time that wouldn't be beaten, 4.447 secs. Then it was Roger who posted a very creditable 4.670 which would be good enough for 3rd and a place in the A final. They were joined by Chris with a sluggish 4.616 and Kev on 4.722.
Keith was struggling with a slipping gear and lined up with Nick and Wim in the B race. His problems continued in the race and he only managed an 18 in the first segment to leave him well out of it. Nick and Wim had a very tight first couple of segments and were level on 68 laps after 2. Wim then had a poor Blue, struggling for grip, and Nick took 5 laps off him, and then another 2 laps in the last saw Nick take the win with 139.89 to Wim's 132.36. Keith seemed to have cured his gear problem but a valiant effort was in vain and he finished up just 4 laps behind Wim on 128.36.
The A final was all about Bob. He opened up with a 38 on Yellow to Chris and Kev both on 37s. Then a 40 on Blue had him a further lap ahead of Chris after 2. Finishing up on White (39) then Red (41) he wasn't letting up and ran out a comfortable winner with 158.37 laps. Chris finished quite strongly but was 5 laps back in the end on 153.47. Kev also struggled for grip on Yellow and Blue but managed to hold on for 3rd place with 144.91 and Roger was, perhaps, a bit disappointed with his total of 137.32 and 5th overall. Nick's run in the B was good enough for 4th overall.

SL32 December 14th 2017

On a freezing cold night, 8 brave souls turned up to race GP12 saloon. Kev was absent, injured after falling heavily on ice. He used his kneecap to break his fall and ended up nearly breaking it on the kerb. The grip was strange, very little until the room warmed up then too much grip until you got off line, caused quite a few offs. No one could really touch Chris, after an extensive practice session he turned down another set of tyres for the race and won every heat with 40+ laps. Bob was closest with two 40s and a 39, Keith had a 40 and two 39s while Corky made up the A final with his first 40 for a long time in this class. Woody had arrived late with a car that was great on big tracks but not so great around Leicester. Roger tried his car with a motor prepped by Bob only to find the motor bearing bust after two laps, the second bearing failure in this motor. Another motor was hastily fitted but the gear mesh was never quite right. Woody breezed a win in the B final after getting his controller settings sorted, 32 foot of choke for a GP12! Wim and Nick had a tussle throughout, each trying to see how many times they could fall off then get back in front again, Nick edged this as Wim fell off on the last but one lap. Roger had enough of his car problems and retired. The A final was an easy win for Chris with Bob trying to chase him but falling off so many times in the process it allowed Keith to keep closing the gap, in the end Bob took second place by less than quarter of a lap from Keith. Corky was on blue, nuff said. After the racing was over, no one wanted to go on the track, not surprising given the unusual grip. Then, when it came to leave, Bob couldn’t find his car keys. Everyone mucked in trying to find them, checked pockets, floor, pulled everything out of Bob’s box. Luckily the car door was open so various people went through the car with a fine tooth comb finding all sorts of things on the floor and between the seats. Sadly no one found them and it was getting very late for the pub so Angie had to bring the spare keys to the pub. It was until much later, when he was nearly home that Bob remembered he had plugged his USB stick into the back of the computer to get the results and not taken it back out, of course the USB was on his keyring!

F132 November 30th 2017

9 racers tonight for an evening of F1 mixed fortunes. A visit from Graham and Chris Thomas from Dudley swelled the numbers with a couple of regulars missing. The stand in race controllers allowed the computer to set up the races and some people had three races on the trot while others sat out for three. Bob was on the pace and set a target, Chris T was getting in the groove to take second spot while Chris A was having controller problems and couldn’t get consistent laps but still qualified third. A few people couldn’t get the track conditions sorted with a lot of rubber down and the extreme cold weather. After the qualifying heats, the first of the move up finals was Nick, Wim and Roger. A few offs led to an interesting race but Nick won and after some confusion, as the names had been entered wrongly on the lane colours, Roger took second to move up. Wim had trouble with a gear stripping in the heats and the car seemed to de-slot in some unusual places after it was repaired. The C final was a 3 minute race that lasted about 10 with the number of track calls but Keith was going best to take the win, Corky and Nick had a ding dong battle all the way through with Corky just getting ahead on the last but one lap to take the next move up spot. In the B final Chris A had his controller working better, after spending almost all night trying to sort it, but still not quite right so he took the win with Keith just edging second spot. In the A final Chris Thomas had finally got a set of tyres that worked and he shot off in the lead with Bob chasing, a slight mishap allowed Bob through to take a half lap lead. Then Bob came off on Graham’s corner and with his colour blindness he couldn’t work out which was white lane until Chris had gone by on red so back to the chase. Bob proceeded to give Graham a couple more chances to find the white slot which left Chris T to take the win with his first 37 of the night. Chris A was still having controller problems and managed third whilst Keith never really got to grips with his favourite blue lane to take fourth.

SL24 November 16th 2017

Just like the wounded tiger, Chris licked his wounds from last week's defeat and fought back with a vengence. In qualy he set a new best total of 15.13, one foot ahead of Bob's previous best, and on Red lane. Woody and Bob both got into the 14's and Nick pipped Kev by 2 feet to take the 4th spot in the A final. The B final saw Corky and Kev renew their rivalry from last week. Kev had a slight advantage from qualy and took an early 1 lap lead. Corky cancelled this out in the 2nd and they both did 41's in the third, so they were neck and neck going into the last with Kev about a third of a lap up. Kev had a couple of early mis-haps and Corky got in front, and never let up, running out winner by just less than a lap in the end.
The main battle in the A was between Bob and Woody, for second place. They were together at the end of seg 2 but then Bob pulled out the stops in seg 3 to take a 3 lap lead and a further lap in the last to take second spot by just about 4 laps. Nick was having a good run and going into the last he needed a 41 to beat Kev and a 42 to beat Corky. The chase never materialised though, after a minute or so there were some horrible noises coming from his gears, and although he managed to struggle on he finished at a snail's pace to limp home in 7th overall.
In the mean time, Chris was racing the clock and it was soon apparent that no one could get close. He posted 2 x 44's and 2 x 45's, and together with his record qualy he recorded a new best total distance by nearly 2 laps with 193.38 and was 10 laps ahead of Bob to take the win. Woody stayed third and Corky took 4th from the B.

SP32 November 16th 2017

At last, a new winner. Chris's long run of wins comes to an end. Chris TQ'ed as usual but Bob was only 0.026 behind with Corky and Kev making up the A final.
Keith, Wim, Roger and Geoff contested the B final and as the segments progressed the gaps gradually increased all the way. Keith was an impressive winner with 152.36 laps, 10 laps ahead of Wim in 2nd. Roger was another 8 laps back and Geoff a further 10 laps behind Roger.
The A final was really 2 races in 1. Corky and Kev had a real battle. Kev had got ahead of Corky by a couple of laps after 2 but Corky cut that back to 1 lap after 3 segments. Going into the last Corky made great strides to catch Kev and did so on a few occasions, only to come off and fall back again. As time ran out Kev held on to his lead and pipped Corky by just about half a lap - 148.84 tp 148.48. Meanwhile Chris was setting the pace up front, doing a couple of 39's to Bob's 38's, so Chris was 2 laps up at half way. Bob fought back in the 3rd, doing a 41 to Chris's 40, so about a lap between going into the last. Bob gradually whittled away Chris's lead in the 4th and eventually got past with about 30 seconds to go and didn't let up. He ended up doing a 41 to Chris's 39 to run out winner by 1.01 laps, and end Chris's impressive run of wins. Keith's total from the B was good enough for 3rd place overall.

F132 November 2nd 2017
SL24 October 26th 2017
SP32 October 19th 2017

6 of us tonight. Woody trying out a new toy he brought back from the Worlds. A controller with more bells, whistles and lights than NASA Mission Control......

F132 October 5th 2017

7 of us tonight, despite 4 more in Italy for the Worlds. Several personal records, particularly for Nick who PB'ed in each of his 3 heats and for his overall qualifying total. Also, Geoff, who showed considerable improvement, his car looking vastly better than of late. He set 2 PB's in the heats and for his overall qualy total. We're losing Nick now for a few weeks, so a good sign off for him with 2nd place to Chris's win.