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Racing Results

Autumn 2018

Autumn Championship 2018

SL24 December 27th 2018

Only 5 raced but some interesting outcomes. Woody top qualified but Corky was second with a very consistent drive, Bob joined them in the A final with fast laps but inconsistent. The B final was a win for Nick with Geoff, using Bob's spare car, having some very impressive laps with his new controller but a fair few offs. The A final started with Woody and Bob going neck and neck until Bob had an off and lost a lap. Next segment Woody had a poor blue lane run and Bob got two laps back on him, meanwhile Corky was just having a steady uneventful drive. Third segment Bob had a great blue lane and managed to stay with Woody on white, just leaving the last segment with Bob less than half a lap up, all to play for but Woody had a few offs trying to catch him so a win for Bob.

SL24 December 13th 2018
F132 December 6th 2018
SL24 November 22nd 2018

Track started off fairly slippery but eventually got rubbered in. Geoff borrowed Bob's car from the BSL team race and was doing some quite quick laps in practice. Bob, Woody and Keith made the A final with Corky, Ben and Geoff in the B. In the B final Ben got his car going well and was close to lap record speed on yellow. Geoff kept getting better and eventually managed a 4.2 with some decent lap scores. Corky was never really happy with his motor but still turned in good scores. The A final started with Woody, on Blue, trying to knock Bob, on yellow, off as many times as he could leaving Keith with a bit of a lead. Woody soon caught up and took the win from Keith with Bob having a bit of handling trouble losing third place to Ben from the B. All three drivers in the A final were close to lap record pace at some time.

SP32 November 15th 2018
SL32 November 8th 2018
SL24 October 25th 2018
F132 October 4th 2018


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