Spring Championship 2018

SL24 June 28th 2018
SP32 June 21st 2018

8 drivers tonight, report to follow.

Sorry, B final details not available.

SL32 June 14th 2018

9 drivers tonight, report to follow.

F132 June 7th 2018

Just 5 drivers tonight, but still some good racing, particularly the A final where Chris lead all the way but Keith pushed him close.

Apologies, I forgot to take a memory stick so couldn't take a copy of th RC database, so no details.

SL24 May 24th 2018

8 drivers again, with Chris and Graham Thomas joining us and Bob giving it a miss with tendonitis !! Chris A TQd with 14.36 closely followed by Chris T on 14.23. Wim continued his good form of late by taking 3rd spot in the A and Kev completed the A line up.
In the B it was Graham and Corky battling it out at the front. There was never more than a lap or so all the way and going in to the last segment, Corky had a lap and a half on Graham but Graham pulled out all the stops in the last to overtake Corky and take the win by just 35 feet. Barrie had a bit of a lonely run to take 3rd spot, 4 laps back with Roger struggling with no tyres eventually retiring for 4th.
The "A" was all about the Chris's. Chris A got a 1 lap lead early on but by the end of the 3rd they were just about level. So it was all on the last segment and it was Chris A keeping his nose just in front who ran out the winner, but only by 61 feet and a good race, Chris A finishing on 192.69 and Chris T on 192.08. Wim struggled to maintain his qualy pace and was never really in it, so Kev had a lonely race finishing 14 laps back but 8 laps ahead of Graham who took 4th overall from the B. Corky took 5th overall, Wim 6th and the ever improving Barrie not far back for 7th, and making good progress.

SP32 May 17th 2018

9 people last night including a visit from chauffer Ben (dad's car in for service!). Geoff was first up to qualify and set a careful 5.3, Woody next and with a car that didn't look comfortable just squeezed below 5, Barrie following only just failed to beat that also going below 5. Wim put in an impressive 4.7 but Bob beat that with a 4.5. Corky could only get down to 4.6 and Roger's car looked good with a 4.8. Ben was only interested in beating his dad's time which he just did but then Keith went and TQ'd, a 4.468 with a Genesis. The B final was mainly Ben with Woody struggling a bit and Roger going very well. Barrie going fast but with a few too many offs and Geoff having some good steady runs. Ben ended up 3 laps ahead of Woody with Roger 2 laps adrift and Barrie just 1 lap further back. The A final should have been between Keith and Bob, Bob on yellow took an early lead from Keith. This was returned in the next segment where Keith on White was just about to catch up when his motor gave up the ghost. It almost looked as if the same would happen to Bob in the last segment when his car started to slow but the motor just held out to take the win from Corky 4 laps back. Ben took third place overall from the B final.

SL32 May 10th 2018
F132 May 3rd 2018

Good Formula 1 racing tonight.
Chris TQ'ed but taking Blue lane in the final backfired as Bob ran out winner after a good battle with Corky. Corky finished up in 2nd, Chris 3rd and Keith in 4th.

SL24 April 26th 2018

Chris posted TQ with a total of 14.84, 62 bits ahead of Keith in 2nd followed by Bob 13.83 and Nick with 13.49. Woody arrived late !! with a very under prepared car and couldn't trouble the others.
In the B race the battle was between Woody, Corky and Kev - Woody's car miraculously looking quicker !! . Kev lead at half way by about a lap from Corky with Woody less than a lap behind Corky, but a bit of bad luck for him towards the end of the 3rd saw Corky lead by a lap from Woody and Kev just over a lap behind Woody. Kev's interior had come loose and got in the gears, losing about 3 laps. In the last it was Woody pulling out all the stops to get the lap back and just a bit more, to take the win from Corky by just 21 bits.

The A final was more bad luck for Bob. At half way Chris had established a 5 lap lead over him with Keith sandwiched in the middle. In the 3rd Bob turned in a staggering 46 to creep ahead of Keith and get within a lap of Chris. His bad luck came on lap 14 when Chris took him out on the bottom bend but got marshalled first, and Bob lost heart after that. Keith marched on and got ahead of Bob again but couldn't get close enough to challenge Chris. Chris ran out winner by a lap or so from Keith with Bob a further couple of laps behind Keith.

SP32 April 19th 2018

First racing of the new season. Kev posted an unexpected TQ time of 4.553 !
In the B race the best battle was between Wim and Barrie. It was very tight until Wim had a big off and lost a couple of laps. This left Barrie to record a good 2nd spot by those couple of laps. Nick was the winner by 6 laps from Barrie.

In the A it was Keith leading most of the way til the end of the 3rd. Chris was catching fast but looked like just missing out - until Keith had an off with 6 laps to go and Chris got past for the win. Kev had retired with a broken car.