Winter 2018

Winter Championship 2018

SL24 March 22nd 2018

APOLOGIES !! A complete cock up with the database means that there is no RC data available, and Chris Thomas's race laps are not correct - sorry Chris.

SP32 March 15th 2018
SL32 March 8th 2018

A good turnout of 9 drivers tonight and TQ went to Chris Thomas, a lap and a half ahead of Keith. Bob and Kev vied for 3rd spot with Bob taking it by 64 bits and took White lane in the final.
The B final went to Corky after a good battle with Woody, Corky took it by just less than a lap with Graham Thomas 3rd and Wim 4th.
The "A" was a good battle. Kev sat it out with a broken car leaving Chris Thomas, Keith and Bob to fight it out. Chris got the early lead, then Bob took over for 3 or 4 laps. Then it was Keith's turn to lead and he held it until just before half way. Chris then got back in front and he and Keith had a nose to tail race to the finish. Chris's lead wasn't to last though, an off on lap 33 saw Keith get back in front and a nail biting final 40 seconds or so. Keith held his nerve, and the lead to run out winner by just 22 feet with Chris in 2nd and Bob tailing off for 3rd.

SP32 February 22nd 2018
SL32 February 15th 2018

Saloon last night, great racing which almost didn’t take place due to Keith Packer Chris Thomas and myself sitting on the M69 car park for half an hour. Fortunately we got moving in time to make a rushed late start to the club night. Good racing throughout the field with fairly regular visitor Chris T taking the win. Thanks Woody

F132 February 8th 2018
SP32 January 18th 2018
SL32 January 11th 2018